thelastdalek (thelastdalek) wrote,

Another Dalek still lives. Though he has modified himself so much I find it hard to even call him that.

I went to a galaxy far, far away, where he was the leader of a scouting expedition.

You wouldn't believe how much he has changed.

First he was black and now he's white and blue. his Top-Section viewing plunger has been dramatically reduced and he conceals his weaponry. he's shrunk to a shadow of his former self and his voice is so unbelievably squeaky and high-pitched nowadays it shames me to believe other species might associate him with our mighty master race. also i heard he has an usual pleasure in watching new soldiers still in the breeding laboratories, but the trial for that that was never resolved since the timelords "cut proceedings short" with their self-righteous genocide

disgraceful. so i exterminated his ass.

Rose you must believe
That the master race are we
and while imposters try to deceive
to evolve you must shag me
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