thelastdalek (thelastdalek) wrote,

He isn't the right man for her!

i was sitting in a bath about to exterminate the wall and thus my pitiful self when i heard this in my head:

"Attention! Attention! Emergency! Emergency! All Daleks return to control immediately!"

sounded like the emperor, so i went to see what was up with the old guy, havent seen him in ages.

when i arrived there were daleks fighting OTHER DALEKS!!! i was like "omgwtf!"

so i walked over to a black one and asked what team i'm meant to be on and he said "Them Daleks are pussies! fucking pussies! they laugh and cry and stuff! like pussies! they even write poetry!"
"how could this be?" i asked
"They're contaminated with all sortsa human shit!" says he

i'm like "heh.. tralalala" :-/ talk about an awkward silence!

and all through the battle my love for Rose is acting like some sort of armour protecting me.

I met a nice dalek called "Beta" who was my friend. he was very nice. he taught me a game called "Dizzy" then i taught him water balloon fights.hehe funny as fuck me! ;)

so anyway now they're all electrocuted like the men in van stattons. then i see the Doctor running past. and now i know he's gonna try the take the credit. twat.

I follow him but there's no Rose?!?! he's with some posh bint called "Victoria" oh i bet he hasn't told you about his other women has he rose?

he isn't who you think he is! he's a BAD WOLF in sheep's clothing!

Rose the doctor is a charlaton
tricking you with his charms
making you his harlot
bending you over
inserting his ARMS!
Rose I will warn you
and you will be my lover

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