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After years of being held captive by an evil billionaire, I have been freed.

I met the Doctor which was nice, I've heard a lot about him.

Having escaped i decided to harvest the "Internet" which is full of many naked humans. Their weakness seems to be when two are together, as their faces seem to shows signs of pain or something.

When I absorbed livejournal something washed over me. guilt? doubt? am i emo?

what am i doing with my life?

Davros genetically created us to hate. Is there more to life?

I met a girl. Her name is Rose and she is very beautiful. She seems to have a will beyond genetic engineering, i found an audio transmission where she imposes her will unto others. "Because we want to"

I believe she would make a great Dalek.

Will she love me? I feel... I don't know. What if she doesn't like me?

After I disconnect from this Computer I will expose my organic components and Slip out my slimey tentacly penis for her. I hope she likes me, we are two seperate species, but THAT SHOULDN'T EVEN MATTER! :(

I hope she likes me <3

I wrote her a poem:

Rose oh Rose
Hear my prose
here i have been enslaved
with you i am saved
love me because you want to
let us finally mate
and after my aftersex poo
we can travel and EXTERMINATE

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